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Build A Bigger, Better Database
Of ‘Mobile-Ready’ Customers

RemarkaMobile is a group of Certified Mobile Marketing Advisors who specialize in showing smart business owners and savy Entrepreneurs how to get a fast Return On Investment (ROI) using Mobile Text (SMS) Marketing to grow their business. Our team of Experts show you how to build ongoing Text campaigns and deliver clear, targeted messages to your customers mobile devices. We even provide you with tools and resources that get more qualified prospects and turn more of them into sales.

Find Out How To Get More Customers Faster

Get Your Message Where
Your Customers Are Most…

Today, most business owners rely on Email alone to get and keep customers but according to a recent study by Google, Email open rates are now down below 20% while Text open rates are above 95%. It’s no secret that people are spending less time in their cluttered Email inboxes and more time away from their desktop computers. Just about everything can now be accesses on a mobile device and the longer your business exists without a Text Marketing strategy, the more opportunities lost and ultimately, the more money you are leaving on the table.

Find Out How To Get More Customers Faster

Engage, Get, And Retain
More Customers…

With Email deliverabilty rates falling at record rates and Email engagement drying up, along with the skyrocketing cost of direct mail, Text Marketing is now the go-to marketing media. And it does not matter what business you are in. In our new mCommerce (Mobile) world, Text is the most powerful engagement device of our time and is the most responsive media that has ever been seen to date… The problem is, 97% of business owners have no idea how to get in the game. And many will be late getting in the game. This is where the highly trained RemarkaMobile Certified Mobile Marketing Advisors come in to assist you in implementing your Mobile Marketing strategy.

Find Out How To Get More Customers Faster

Build Your Mobile Marketing
Portfolio The Smart Way…

As you know, every successful, winning sports franchise has a team of coaches and advisors in their corner at all times. This is why they are winners. Your business should be no different… Put the RemarkaMobile team of Certified Mobile Marketing Advisors on your side to show how to get more customers, faster, with a customized Mobile Marketing strategy that begins with SMS Text Marketing and expands and grows from there. Your customers are now ‘Mobile-Ready.’ Shouldn’t you be too?

Find Out How To Get More Customers Faster